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Allegro Hall Effect-Based Current Sensor ICs

Hall Effect Basics

Hall-Effect Sensor ICs:

Inherent Galvanic Isolation

High Power Applications:

Sensing > 200 A Currents with Allegro Sensor ICs

1 mm "thin"package for enhanced accuracy; placed in the gap of a ferromagnetic concentrator.

Allegro's high bandwidth current sensor SIP: the A136x family.

Sensing 50 to 200 A

Allegro's ACS75x Family of Devices

  • Small physical size (7 mm nominal height).

  • 100 ?Ω integrated conductor, galvanic isolation for line-powered systems.

  • Enhanced accuracy, typically < 4% total error from -40°C to 150°C.

  • Low noise, > 100 kHz bandwidth sensor.

  • Integrated shield reduces output spiking in high dV/dt applications.

  • Allegro's recently released the ACS756 and ACS758 devices include significant advances over previous generations.

    Sensing < 50 A

    Allegro's ACS712 Family of Flip-Chip Devices

  • SOIC8 with integrated 1.2 mΩ conductor.

  • Isolation for line powered applications.

  • <4% typical error over -40°C to 150°C range.

  • Low noise, 80 kHz bandwidth current sensor.

  • Integrated shield reduces output spiking in high dV/dt applications.

  • Flip chip assembly techniques locate the Hall transducer very close to the integrated conductor.

    High Bandwidth AC Sensing

    Allegro Shield Solution

  • A parasitic capacitor is formed by the current-carrying leadframe and the Hall-effect IC surface.

  • Adding an electrostatic shield between the silicon and the current-carrying leadframe allows the noise to bypass the silicon.

  • Shield layer is connected to device ground inside the package.

  • Allegro Product Line and Applications Overview

    A1360 Series


    • DC/DC Converters.
    • Inverters.
    • Battery Current Measurement.
    • Smart Metering.
    • Hybrid Vehicles.

    ACS712 Family 5 to 50 A


    • Industrial Motors.
    • Lighting.
    • Power Supplies.
    • White Goods.
    • Hybrid Vehicles.

    ACS756 & ACS758 50 to 200 A


    • UPS Systems.
    • HVAC Control.
    • Inverters.
    • Power Supplies.
    • Hybrid Vehicles.
    • Power Steering and Braking Systems.

    A growing portfolio with many new, unannounced products under development.!

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